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Set Screw Shaft Couplers

  • attached to shafting and micro gear motor
  • attached to shafting
  • attached to shafting and stepper motor
  • small bore
  • large bore
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Set Screw Shaft Couplers
Set Screw Shaft Couplers
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Material 303 Stainless Steel
Coupling Style set screw


Download Attachment
zip625104 assembly STEP(228.81 KB )Download
zip625106 assembly STEP(234.41 KB )Download
zip625108 assembly STEP(256.55 KB )Download
zip625110 assembly STEP(293.77 KB )Download
zip625112 assembly STEP(205.88 KB )Download
zip625114 assembly STEP(173.75 KB )Download
zip625116 assembly STEP(263.7 KB )Download
zip625118 assembly STEP(285.17 KB )Download
zip625120 assembly STEP(230.04 KB )Download
zip625122 assembly STEP(321.42 KB )Download
zip625124 assembly STEP(335.75 KB )Download
zip625126 assembly STEP(223.08 KB )Download
zip625128 assembly STEP(190.3 KB )Download
zip625152 assembly STEP(317.7 KB )Download
zip625154 assembly STEP(251.78 KB )Download
zip625156 assembly STEP(243.52 KB )Download
zip625158 assembly STEP(301.08 KB )Download
zip625160 assembly STEP(330.39 KB )Download
zip625162 assembly STEP(315.02 KB )Download
zip625164 assembly STEP(267.55 KB )Download
zip625166 assembly STEP(239.98 KB )Download
zip625168 assembly STEP(247.54 KB )Download
zip625170 assembly STEP(272.7 KB )Download
zip625172 assembly STEP(334.35 KB )Download
zip625174 assembly STEP(301.82 KB )Download
zip625176 assembly STEP(284.93 KB )Download
zip625178 assembly STEP(271.37 KB )Download
zip625180 assembly STEP(242.12 KB )Download
zip625182 assembly STEP(212.95 KB )Download
zip625184 assembly STEP(166.98 KB )Download
zip625186 assembly STEP(252.7 KB )Download
zip625188 assembly STEP(224.43 KB )Download
zip625190 assembly STEP(258.07 KB )Download
zip625192 assembly STEP(204.12 KB )Download
zip625194 assembly STEP(193.65 KB )Download
zip625196 assembly STEP(249.91 KB )Download
zip625198 assembly STEP(252.55 KB )Download
zip625200 assembly STEP(250.51 KB )Download
zip625202 assembly STEP(230.9 KB )Download
zip625204 assembly STEP(180.94 KB )Download
zip625206 assembly STEP(294.77 KB )Download
zip625208 assembly STEP(294.65 KB )Download
zip625210 assembly STEP(300.13 KB )Download
zip625212 assembly STEP(270.84 KB )Download
zip625214 assembly STEP(260.12 KB )Download
zip625216 assembly STEP(328.09 KB )Download
zip625218 assembly STEP(304.64 KB )Download
zip625220 assembly STEP(294.04 KB )Download
zip625222 assembly STEP(254.98 KB )Download
zip625224 assembly STEP(300.87 KB )Download
zip625226 assembly STEP(271.4 KB )Download
zip625228 assembly STEP(268.94 KB )Download
zip625230 assembly STEP(230.19 KB )Download
zip625232 assembly STEP(201.59 KB )Download
zip625234 assembly STEP(200.54 KB )Download
zip625238 assembly STEP(236.65 KB )Download
zip625240 assembly STEP(241.57 KB )Download
zip625242 assembly STEP(206.48 KB )Download
zip625252 assembly STEP(188.41 KB )Download

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