Bevel Gears

Bevel gears are an excellent way to drive a shaft at a 90° angle. Here you can find bevel gears with ratios of 1:1 (miter gears) and 2:1 to help you tune the speed and torque of an output shaft.

Feel free to mix and match between any two miter gears of the same series, as all miter gears of the same series are compatible with one another.

MOD 1.5 Bevel Gears (2:1 Ratio)

These bevel gears create a 2:1 reduction between the drive gear and the driven gear. The 2:1 ratio requires a very specific tooth profile that makes the hub gear the pinion gear's only suitable mate. 

MOD 1.25 Miter Gears (1:1 Ratio)

These large and in-charge 2319 Series Miter Gears still fit perfectly 1120 Series U-Channel. They’re champions in high-torque applications due to their steel construction, titanic tooth length, and titanium nitride finish! And there are no set-screws to fiddle with here—you can easily install these gears in a fully-constraining assembly (such as inside 1120 Series U-Channel) by simply slip-fitting them onto an 8mm REX™ shaft.

MOD 1.25 Miter Gears (1:1 Ratio, Set-Screw)

Similar in size to 2319 Series Miter Gears, 2315 Series Steel Miter Gears open the door to a plethora of alternative uses. Between the set-screws that constrain the gears to a shaft and goBILDA® 16mm square pattern thru-holes on the face, these gears are well-equipped for unorthodox installation. Even when a 2315 Series Miter gear is fully constrained by nearby components, its set-screws eliminate the chance of free play between the gear and the shaft. This results in excellent accuracy for the encoder readings in your position-control rig!

MOD 0.8 Miter Gears (1:1 Ratio, Set-Screw)

These 2317 Series Miter Gears may be small in size, but don’t let that fool you! Their steel construction provides excellent durability. Their compactness lends itself well to smaller builds where real estate is at a premium, as well as in projects that benefit from minimal rotating mass.

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