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Cascading X-Rail Slide Kit

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The Cascading X-Rail Slide Kit provides all the mechanical pieces necessary to build a winch-driven extendable arm.  Fasten a motor or HS-785HB servo to the first stage of the slide kit and spool up the provided synthetic cable to get up to 34.5" of arm extension!  This kit uses bearings throughout - each stage is supported by Standard V-Wheels that lock into the chamfered guides of the X-Rail.  The synthetic cable is routed over ultra smooth v-bearings so the torque provided by the servo or motor can be transformed into linear thrust rather than lost due to friction.  The arm, at full extension is rated for a 2lb load; perfect for adding a gripper or grapple hook.


SKU Description Qty
565050 13.50" Actobotics® X-Rail 4
4mm ID x 13mm OD V-Groove Ball Bearing 5
545404 90 Degree Hub Mount B 5
545361 90 Degree Quad Hub Mount C 3
18 mm x M4 Zinc-Plated Button Head Cap Screw  5
M4 x 0.7 Nylock Nuts 5
615454 Mini V-Wheels 12
91102A007 #6 Split Lock Washers 12
632106 0.250" 6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screw 25
632110 0.375" 6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screw 25
632118 0.625" 6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screw 50
632120 0.750" 6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screw 25
633164 0.250" Length, 1/4" OD Aluminum Spacer for #6 Screw Size (0.140” ID) 12
633177 Mini V-Wheel Spacer 12
585756 X-Rail Nut 8
Oval End Cap with 'T' 2
Oval End Cap without 'T' 2
Round End Cap with 'T' 1
Round End Cap without 'T' 3
V-Bearing Bracket 10
2907-0305-0002 5mm Diameter Latex Surgical Tubing (2 meters) 1
2908-0001-0005 200lb Tensile Strength Green Synthetic Cable (5 meters) 1
Product Weight 1.41 lbs
Maximum Payload 2lbs

To drive this kit with a servo we recommend these parts:

  • HS-785HB servo
  • 0.3125" 6-32 Zinc-Plated Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw (90272A145)
  • Large Servo Plate A (575116)
  • Servo Winch Pulley (56314)
  • 0.250" 6-32 Zinc-Plated Socket Head Machine Screw (632106)
  • X-Rail Surface Adaptor Bracket (585072)
  • Single X-Rail Mount (585717)
  • 90° Dual Side Mount A (585470)

To drive this kit with a motor we recommend these parts:

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