goBILDA® Steel Miter Gears

These bevel gears are considered miter gears because they create a 1:1 ratio at a 90° angle between the drive gear and driven gear. Feel free to mix and match between any two miter gears of the same series, as all miter gears of the same MOD are compatible with one another.

2315 Series (MOD 1.25)

The 2315 Series Miter Gears are the largest we offer, fitting just right inside 1120 Series U-Channel. Their steel construction and large tooth size make them an excellent choice for high-torque applications. And while set-screws are their primary means of attachment to a shaft, a versatile hub pattern opens the door to unique methods of power transmission.

2317 Series (MOD 0.8)

These 2317 Series Miter Gears may be small in size, but don’t let that fool you! Their steel construction provides excellent durability. Their compactness lends itself well to smaller builds where you want to minimize mass.

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