Outlaw Chassis Kit

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

The Outlaw Chassis Kit is the tank track base you've been waiting for! It uses goBILDA Badlands Tank Tracks which are crazy robust and feature bonded rubber for fantastic traction. Whether you are building a tank, scale construction equipment, a sci-fi-inspired robot, or you just want an awesome-looking chassis, the Outlaw is the perfect chassis for you!

To get this chassis up and running, just grab a radio system, two 1x15A motor controllers, two bullet y-harnesses, one XT30 y-harness, and a battery (and charger). Each bullet y-harness will allow you to connect two motors to one motor controller. The XT30 y-harness lets you power both motor controllers from one battery. The motor controllers each have a BEC built-in so they will pass power to the receiver. With this setup, you will be up and running in no time!

The motors supplied in this chassis were picked to be a great balance between torque and speed for most surfaces, but some surfaces can notably increase the amount of torque required for the chassis to turn. If you are planning to run this chassis through tall, thick grass or shaggy carpet; you'll need to use higher torque motors (check out all the 5203 Series Yellow Jacket ratio options) or reduce the payload of your project. 


Weight 6.7kg (14.78lbs)
Max Payload 11.4kg (25lbs)

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