12V Radio Control Bundle

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

Featuring a house-curated selection of electronics, the 12V Radio Control Bundle gives you everything you need to get your chassis up and running!

Remote Control

The transmitter and receiver of the tried-and-true Element-6 Radio Control System allow you to operate the two included motor controllers with ease. 


No soldering required—this bundle is plug-and-play! All the wiring you need to get your chassis up and running is included in the bundle. If you need additional wire length between components, you can choose from several extensions in the Related Products section below.


The included 12V NiMH 3,000mAh battery supplies power to the motor controllers, which in turn power the receiver and motors. When the battery runs low, just plug it into the included charger (with built-in overcharge protection)


The receiver and motor controllers each have thru-holes on the goBILDA® 32mm square pattern. This makes it easy to bolt them to your build. We've included hardware (two locknuts and two screws) of the perfect length to fasten all three in a stack to goBILDA® channel.

Motor Compatibility

This bundle can control up to four brushed DC motors that have 3.5mm bullet connectors. goBILDA® Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motors are a perfect match for this bundle (see the Related Products section below). To use this bundle with motors that don't have 3.5mm bullet connectors, you can purchase 3.5mm bullets leads (3800-0012-0300) and solder them to your motors.

Chassis Compatibility

This bundle is a perfect fit for for the chassis kits listed below in the Related Products. It is designed to control a chassis with two or four brushed DC motors driving in a skid-steer (four-wheel drive) or differential steer (two-wheel drive) configuration.  

Bundle Contents:

1 1209-0032-0001 Battery Mount (32-1)
2 individual screws 2800-0004-0040 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 40mm Length)
2 individual locknuts 2812-0004-0007 2812 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Nylon-Insert Locknut (M4 x 0.7mm, 7mm Hex)
100 pack 2909-0101-0100 Zip Tie (100mm Length, Black)
1 3100-0012-0020 NiMH Battery (12V, 3000mAh, XT30 Connector [MH-FC], 20A Fuse, 12-20)
1 3101-0012-0001 12V Battery Charger (NiCad/NiMH, XT30 Connector)
2 3105-0101-0015 1x15A Motor Controller (30A Peak)
1 3113-2006-0001 Element-6 Radio Control System (Includes Receiver)
1 3805-0102-0150 XT30 Y-Harness (Single FH-MC XT30 to Dual MH-FC XT30, 150mm Length)
2 3805-1213-0150 3.5mm Bullet Y-Harness (Single FH-MC to Dual MH-FC, 150mm Length)

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