Actobotics® (2013-2023) was a ball-bearing based, precision building system manufactured by RobotZone®, LLC and distributed worldwide.

The R&D team behind Actobotics® has shifted their focus to the metric-based goBILDA® build system, which uses the many lessons of the imperial Actobotics® legacy in a new build system playbook.

The Actobotics® build system is now discontinued. However, we offer many staple products (such as bearings and shafting) with imperial dimensions that are compatible with a builder’s war chest of Actobotics® components.

The information below is provided to help users identify Actobotics® components in the wild and integrate them into their builds.

Actobotics Hole Pattern Information

Actobotics Hole Pattern Information

0.770" Hole Pattern

Actobotics components utilize two different hub patterns. The smaller of the two hub patterns measures 0.770" center-to-center across the middle of the pattern. The 0.770" dimension allows for the 1/2” center bore to be unobstructed when components are attached. This pattern repeats down the length of Actobotics channel, with a 0.750" spacing from one center hole to the next. While most screw holes in the channel measure 0.140" in diameter, the shared hole in between the 1/2” center holes must be slightly oversized (0.160") to allow them to properly align. Both the 0.140" and the 0.160” holes work well with the common 6-32 fastener.

1.50" Hole Pattern

Actobotics components may also have a larger hole pattern for larger projects. The 1.5" hub pattern is measured diagonally across the middle of the pattern. Just as the 0.770" pattern is repeated along the channel around each ½" center hole, so is the 1.5" hub pattern. Many Actobotics motor mounts utilize the 1.5" hub pattern to provide side stability and load-sharing along the channel.

Since the 1.5" distance is the diagonal dimension (the hypotenuse of the conceptual triangle that passes diagonally through the center to the opposite corners), each side dimension of this pattern is slightly shorter. The sides measure 1.0607". Many Actobotics mounts utilize this 1.0607” dimension, which is derived from the 1.5" hub pattern. Components with the 1.0607" pattern can be mounted upright inside the channel or flat across the top of the channel.

The 1.5" pattern also leaves room for a large center bore through components such as clamping hubs, bearing mounts, and adaptors. Actobotics 1" clamping hubs utilize this pattern so that 1" OD tubing can slide through the hub without obstructing the center bore for routing cables and wires.

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