goBILDA® is a metric, grid-based building system brought to you by the same crew behind ServoCity and Actobotics! Modularity is what sets goBILDA® aside from other build systems. Whether you're building an ant-weight robot, a 3D Printer, or the desk your printer would set on, goBILDA® is the build system for the task!

The 8mm grid spacing on the smallest beam is the same one you'll find on the longest piece of channel. To easily integrate bearings which hold shafting for drive components such as gears, sprockets, and pulleys, you'll find a 14mm hole spaced every 24mm down much of the structural components. We chose 24mm because it integrates seamlessly with the 8mm grid, but also because MOD 0.8 gears mesh perfectly at such spacing.

Between the channel wall thickness, the beefy shafting options that create a positive drive, and the M4 hardware, goBILDA® is great for your big ideas. We've built go karts, desks, and basher bots, and absolutely punished the parts. Sure, we have fun, but the testing has been all for you. We are continually adding new parts and tweaking existing parts so that you can have an amazing experience!

The Pattern

The goBILDA® pattern underpins the entire build system. Much R&D TLC went into making it as versatile and user-friendly as possible.

The Grid
It starts simple, with 4mm holes on an 8mm grid. Sometimes keeping it simple exponentially increases the possibilities.

The Bearing Hole
Ball bearings are a pillar of the system. So the simple grid started to evolve into "the pattern" by adding a 14mm hole to easily seat a bearing.

The Clocked Slots
In order to add functionality, the four holes closest to the bearing hole are clocked (rotated). This lets you mount components on a 45° angle. The slots come from joining nearby holes and give you adjustability when mounting.

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