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We're proud to support STEM programs and organizations worldwide.  ServoCity offers Educational Discounts to public or private colleges, universities, vocational schools, K-12 institutions, homeschools, and competitions.  This can include (but does not exclude other programs/competitions) such as BEST™ Robotics, Science Olympiad™, MATE ROV Competitions, NASA Robotic Mining Competition, etc. 

This discount does not apply to taxes and shipping. Sales tax is only charged within the state of Kansas. To be considered tax exempt, you must provide a copy of your tax exempt certificate.

We'd love to receive stories, photos and/or videos about your projects and how you've incorporated ServoCity parts so we can share this information with the community! 

To apply for an Educational Discount, please complete the below form and submit the required identification. Once you have submitted this form and we have approved the discount, we will send your contact a unique discount code for use on current and future orders. Your code will be valid from the date of approval until May 31st of the year submitted. A new discount request form will need to be completed each year.

We enjoy seeing how our products are being used by customers. We ask that you would please share a photo of your finished project with us - it just might end up on our social media channels!


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