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ServoCity® / Actobotics® Scholarship Program

ServoCity is a proud supporter of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and encouraging young minds.  By offering scholarships, we want to assist young engineers and innovators in reaching their educational and career goals.

As part of our ServoCity/Actobotics Scholarship Program we offer two annual scholarships ($500 each) to high school seniors involved in either FIRST® Organization or the Radio Control hobby! The deadline for the 2019 scholarships was April 30, 2019.  The scholarship application is closed at this time.  Please check back in July for the announcement of the winners.

How to Apply:

If you are a high school senior with at least a 3.00 GPA, you may apply by completing the online application by the April 30th deadline. ServoCity only accepts online applications. Mailed applications will NOT be reviewed.

How Can the Scholarship be Used:

The Scholarship Recipient has one year to use his/her full award. In addition to using funds for tuition at an accredited college or university, Scholars may also use their funds for other educational expenses, such as on-campus housing and textbooks.


  • The applicant must be a high school (or home school) senior
  • Anticipating high school diploma at time of application
  • Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited post secondary institution 
  • Earning a minimum 3.00 GPA
  • U.S. Citizenship

Hints for a Successful Application:

We offer the following words of advice to consider while completing your application:

  • Do not use abbreviations or slang in your answers
  • Proofread your answers
  • Use the essays to tell the rest of the story other questions do not ask. Talk about your responsibilities and actions where possible.
  • Choose a reference that will be able to answer questions about you from a personal and academic perspective.

Click here to apply

Click here to apply

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