Li-ion Battery Shipping & Safety Information

Users assume all risks associated with Li-ion batteries upon purchase. ServoCity is not responsible for personal damages resulting from the use of ServoCity products.


Products containing a Li-ion battery are subject to shipping restrictions, which are noted on a product’s webpage. The shipping options for your entire order will be limited at checkout if your order contains a product with a Li-ion battery.


Read all warnings and instructions listed here before using, charging, or transporting a Li-on battery. Failure to follow these instructions can result in fire, property damage, or serious injury.

  1. Be prepared for the possibility of fire. Make sure a fire extinguisher is available while using, charging, or transporting a Li-ion battery.

  2. Always store and operate a Li-ion battery out of the reach of children.

  3. Store a Li-ion battery at temperatures between 40°F and 80°F.

  4. You can safely transport or temporarily store a Li-ion battery only at temperatures between 20°F and 150°F.

  5. DO NOT allow a Li-ion battery to be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods.

  6. Inspect your Li-ion battery according to these safety guidelines before implementing it in your project. It is your responsibility to inspect your Li-ion battery to ensure safe operation.

  7. DO NOT drop a Li-ion battery or otherwise allow it to fall.

  8. If your Li-ion battery experiences a collision during shipment or implementation:

    1. Place your Li-ion battery in a safe environment (outside of buildings or vehicles, and away from flammable material) and observe it for 15 minutes. DO NOT use the battery if smoke, fire, or a change in battery size or shape is observed. 

  9. DO NOT allow the Li-ion battery contacts to come into contact with metal (such as jewelry or hardware) that is not part of a charger or battery implementation device. 

  10. When charging a Li-ion battery:

    1. Make sure the Li-ion battery is cooled to ambient temperature before charging.

    2. Use only a Li-ion charger. We strongly recommend using a charger included with the battery or listed on its webpage. DO NOT use chargers for non-Li-ion battery chemistries (such as NimH or NiCD).

    3. Secure the charging Li-ion battery in a fireproof container. DO NOT place the Li-ion battery on flammable materials such as wood or carpet.

    4. DO NOT leave the charging Li-ion battery unattended.

    5. DO NOT charge the Li-ion battery in a vehicle.

    6. DO NOT charge the Li-ion battery in ambient temperatures less than 40°F or greater than 80°F.

    7. If you observe smoke, an increase in temperature, or a change in battery size or shape during charging:

      1. Disconnect the Li-ion battery and perform Step 8a. The battery may leak, which may cause a fire. DO NOT use the Li-ion battery again if smoke or a change in battery size or shape has been observed.

  11. Shorting a Li-ion battery can cause serious bodily injury and damage to the battery. If shorting occurs at a Li-ion battery’s contacts or within a connected circuit, perform Step 8a 

Warranty and Returns

ServoCity liability is limited to the replacement of parts that are defective upon delivery. We will not replace batteries damaged after delivery. To learn more or initiate a return, please see our Returns & Warranty page.

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