Do you accept School Purchase orders?

Yes, we do!  Please see our Order Information page for PO Instructions.

Can we use the Actobotics® and/or the ServoCity® logo on our website, t-shirts, robots, etc.?

Yes, of course! Robotzone®, LLC, ServoCity® and Actobotics® owns valuable assets in the form of trademarks and copyrights and are legally entitled to restrict any unauthorized or commercial use of these assets. When using the Actobotics® or ServoCity® logos you must use one of the logos available below.
Actobotics Branding Package
ServoCity Branding Package

Is there a place our team can access STEP files for all Actobotics® components?

STEP files for Actobotics® products can be accessed on the individual product pages or you can download one massive zip file from the STEP File Library page.

How do FIRST® Discounts work?

Every FIRST® team is eligible for a 25% discount on nearly all of the items on our site.  You can find more information on our Discount Application page.

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