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Company Founder - Brian Pettey

In 1994, our founder, Brian Pettey, launched Brian Thomas Robotics in his dorm room at Southwestern College in Winfield, KS. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing educational robots and kits for school tech labs. In 2001, the business expanded to include a new division, RobotZone®, that met a need for more industrial robotic components for the commercial and government markets.

Eventually the need for robotic components and servo gearboxes grew to include the individual hobbyist market. To meet demand, RobotZone launched® - making these goods more easily available to the end user. With the release of Actobotics®, ServoCity has added hundreds of new products and the line continues to expand at a rapid pace.

Our home office facility is still located in Winfield, Kansas where it all began.
ServoCity Main Office

Oh, and we have a shop cat, Yoda. She appeared one day nearly 9 years ago and has been a beloved team member ever since.

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