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Servo Continuous Rotation Information

When building a robot or a wheeled platform, servos can often be used to drive wheels. In many instances, servos offer better power and are more compact than comparable motors and come with an electronic “speed control” (H-bridge) already attached to control the speed and direction of rotation. Once this modification is performed, your servo will operate as an “open loop” system. This means that the feedback from the potentiometer will be disconnected. The servo will now operate like a gearmotor with a speed control attached to control the speed and direction of rotation. You will be able to control it forward and reverse proportionally.

Not all servos are the same when it comes to modifying them for continuous rotation. We have devised a Continuous Modification Difficulty List  to help you choose the best and the easiest Hitec servos to modify. Some micro servos have a “half pie” shaped final gear that allows the servo case to be very compact but also means that they cannot be modified for continuous rotation. Others have the final gear resting directly on top of the potentiometer which means the potentiometer can not be removed and yet others need to have the final gear drilled out. Soon we will have a detailed list that will take you through each Hitec servo that can be modified to allow to you make the best choice that matches your skill level.

Note: You can purchase Hitec servos from us that are pre-modified in our own manufacturing facility on the individual Hitec servo pages. This modification voids all ServoCity and Hitec warranties.

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